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I was on a round-the-world trip, my second long-haul trip since leaving university. My trip so far had taken me through Northern India and Nepal. I had seen the most incredible sights, eaten the most fantastic food and met the most amazing people.

Flying into Perth from Chennai, I was alarmed at how different Australia was from India. It was so clean and organised, peaceful and pleasant. I spent a few days eating smoothies, visiting the parks and sampling the nightlife of Western Australia. I flew from Perth to Alice Springs, visited Ayers Rock, then hired a car with a girl I met to road trip it down to Adelaide.


Two weeks into my trip to Australia and I was missing Asia. I needed a challenge and things were too easy. Having not ridden a bicycle for over five years, I decided to buy one and see how far I could ride.

Handing over my cash to the shop assistant, I realised this was more than an exchange of money, I had put all of my trust into the young man’s expertise. The next day I had loaded up my trusty steed and was ready to leave.


My plan was to cycle all around the coast to Brisbane where my onward flight was departing, three months later. With my tent, sleeping bag, cooking equipment, walking boots and clothes strapped to the back of my bike, I wheeled out of Adelaide on my first cycle touring adventure.

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