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I’ve just typed laptop into my Google photos account and this is the result.

Why’s this important? Well some of the photos of my laptop above (I realise there are a few duplicates) I took whilst travelling the world, but in each photo, I was working. I have decided to document places that I’ve opened my laptop and worked remotely, and as a result I have a time/dated memory of those places.

Seven years ago when I began my first business More Adventure, I set out some guidelines as to the type of business I wanted to run. Firstly, I didn’t want to have an office and all of the associated overheads. Secondly, I wanted to absolutely enjoy working on all aspects of the business. And thirdly, I wanted to be able to work on the business from anywhere in the world.

In order for the latter to work, I needed to set up processes and systems, and leverage technology in order for the business to be successful. Tools like WordPress, Skype, WorldPay, Hootsuite, Evernote, Hostgator, Canva, online banking, Mailchimp, Google maps, Google Docs…the list goes on. Each of these tools have become absolutely essential to my business and have allowed me to be flexible with where and when I work on my business.

The snapshots above features photos from Vietnam, California, London, Brighton, Nice, Cambodia, Mallorca and Costa Rica. I’ve been lucky enough to travel to all of these places just in the last year because of the systems and processes surrounding my work and life decisions I’ve made to work for myself.

I’m hoping to share my knowledge of these process and systems in the coming months so if you’re interested in finding out more, please let me know!

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