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I’d promised myself a rest day so decided upon Kampot as the place. A small riverside town with plenty of restaurants and bars, it seemed like a good spot to rest and catch up with some work.
I woke to the sounds of cockerels in the beautiful surroundings of the Kampot Cabana.
I struggled to lie in, my previous days early mornings were difficult to shake off so I was up, showered and in the restaurant ready to do some work at around 7am. It was a stunning start to the day, and as I replying to emails and diving into some spreadsheets, I felt happy with my choice to stay in Kampot for a rest day.
The day really consisted of testing out cafes in town with my laptop. It was nice to be off the bike, but by the end of the day, I was ready to get back on and continue my journey through Cambodia. The day ended in the lodge bar with a French girl, an English guy, Simon & Max (the French lodge owners), one of the best fish dishes I’ve ever eaten and plenty of Pernod. Simon was celebrating signing a lease on a new property for his next venture. He hadn’t yet signed it, but I’m sure the Pernod was helping with his nerves for the meeting the following day.

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