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I was up and out of my hotel by 06:00am. The road outside the hotel was full of potholes but I just about managed to eat my baguette and jam as I left Tra Vinh behind. My plan was to head northwest all day, first towards Cang Long, then to take a back road for the last few miles towards Vinh Long.
To my shock I was overtaken by several bicycles, I soon realised however it was Tra Vinh Cycling Club, out for a time trial (in 34C heat!). I chatted with one of the team for a while whilst he looked very strangely at my heavily-laden bike. Minutes later, he sped off to join his team mates.
I then chatted with Tong, a teacher on a moped, before pulling over for my third breakfast (my leftover waffles had created the second).
A fried egg, coriander and cucumber baguette really hit the spot, truly delicious.
A little further on I had to stop to admire a beautiful temple.
The turn off I’d been waiting for couldn’t have come sooner. I stopped for some celebratory monkey nuts which, to my surprise, were wet inside the shell. Strange, but tasty.
Shortly after the turn off, I took a backroad that ran parallel to the main road. It was pure bliss compared to the busy main road.
A group of children chased me on their bicycles for a while, the maverick of the group taking much delight in laughing at me and my trusty steed.
I soon arrived on the outskirts of Vin Long and entered the town over a beautiful bridge.
Passing through a busy market, I stopped overlooking the water and tucked into a huge orange before borading a ferry over to An Binh, an island just off the shore of Vinh Long.
I made my way to my accommodation for the evening, Nam Thamh Homestay. This delightful homestay is a few hundred metres from the ferry point, set in leafy surroundings and has a truly rural feel. I was welcomed and showed to my room. It had been a varied day’s ride and I wouldn’t wish to do the first part again if I had the choice. As soon as I’d turned off the main road things changed dramatically however, which had made the day.
After a shower I popped back over the water for a really rather average meal in one of the restaurants overlooking the water. Several extremely unsuccessful fisherman kept me entertained for a while as I ate, before heading back over to An Binh to my homestay.


  1. Hi Tom,

    I had the pleasure of meeting you at the bike show and I asked you of you best ever ride and was told Vietnam to Cambodia, and the good old fashioned way of Credit Card cycling which I love and did this year (San Francisco – L.A).
    I am now looking into this ride and wanted to ask, do you have the exact mapped route that you endured and if so would you be so kind to let me have it.
    I would appreciate any feedback you have.
    Thank you…..Duncan

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