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015 Nick Read on leading LGBT+ adventures throughout the world, being a member of Llanberis Mountain rescue and challenging norms in the outdoor industry.

Today’s podcast guest is Nick Read. Nick owns and runs Pride Expeditions, an adventure travel company that offers LGBTQ+ friendly expeditions throughout the world. He is based in North Wales, is an active member of the Llanberis Mountain Rescue team and is regularly found playing in the mountains with his dog Peris (who also stars in this episode!).

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In this episode we discuss:

– Considerations when planning gay-friendly expeditions

– The challenges faced by female guides in Africa

– The Pink Summitteer, arrested  for being gay whilst climbing Elbrus

– Joining the Llanberis Mountain Rescue team

– The importance of networking

– Being a role model and changing norms in LGBT+ adventure

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Here are links to the resources mentioned in the conversation:

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