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2020 is not how I thought I’d be celebrating ten years in business. Choosing to start a travel company in 2010 seemed like a brilliant idea but there have been no shortage of ups and downs. That said, no-one could have predicted the impact of 2020 on businesses, whether in the travel industry or not.

I’ve written before about following your passion. This whole concept is criticised by many business gurus, arguing that you should separate your passions with your means of earning money. 

My travel business has not been the only business venture I’ve embarked upon. Dropshipping, designing online educational services, self-publishing books, a property management business…let’s just say I’ve been exploring my options.

This year has been tough. I’ve gone from my most profitable and enjoyable year in business to not being able to operate. It’s certainly been a rollercoaster but many lessons have been learnt, the main one being that I wouldn’t change a minute. 

Yes I perhaps spent too long in a business relationship I resented, too many nights sleeping in the back of a van instead of a hotel to save money, and perhaps too long away from friends and family. But in reality, I don’t regret a minute. 

Not every day has been perfect, many mistakes have been made and some big risks have been taken. But I’ve done what I’ve wanted to do, when I’ve wanted to do it. I’ve been in relative control the whole time.

When we do things we don’t want to do (in a relationship/job/place we don’t want to be in), the days very easily turn into weeks, the weeks into months. Suddenly we’re years into the future and nothing has really changed because we haven’t made those difficult decisions we’ve considered for so long.

When we’re forced to change because of an obstacle or major life circumstance, it’s easy to blame others and get depressed. But also, the decisions we’ve been putting off are highlighted and oftentimes made easier to make. 

Control what you can control and play the cards you’re dealt. That’s all we can do. Luck is found by people in the right place at the right time. So go there, don’t wait.

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