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When I first became a business owner, I decided to learn the hard way. I hadn’t taken Business Studies at school, I knew very little about marketing, and, at the time, was actually pursuing a career as a teacher. As my first business developed however, I began educating myself on different aspects of businesses, from going to seminars and workshops, seeking advice from more experienced business-people, and reading. The latter is something I still do religiously.

Having made the conscious decision to attempt to ignore mass media (newspapers, radio, TV etc), I almost exclusively only read business and self-development books and blogs, and listen only to carefully selected podcasts and audiobooks (ignoring mass media has completely changed my life by the way…but this is a post in itself).

I’ve read some game-changing books, but also some duds. Below are five that I believe any starting-out business owner should read and implement.

The Four-Hour Work Week, Tim Ferriss

I can’t remember where or why this book was recommended, but it has completely changed my outlook on business and life – yes, it’s that good! The premise of the book is effectively putting a high-value on your time, highlighting the real cost of leading a fulfilling, varied and exciting life, and outsourcing and delegating certain aspects of your life so you can free up your time enjoying things that you want to do. Yes, this is a highly abridged version of events, but this book has had a profound impact on my life, and those who I have recommended it to (100% my most recommended book). It’s also the book that I have reread countless times (and listened to on Audible!).

Tim Ferriss also runs an outstanding podcast, which I highly recommend.


The E-Myth Revisited, Michael Gerber

This is a classic business book that I’m always surprised that more people haven’t heard about. Too many business owners burn out because they take on every job possible in the running of their businesses. The roles within a business are countless, but Gerber breaks them down into The Technician, The Manager and The Entrepreneur.

If you want a scalable, profitable business that doesn’t end up with you in hospital with stress and/or high blood pressure, this is a must-read.


Tribes, Seth Godin

Seth Godin is quite simply a marketing genius. This is not a conventional marketing book and dispels a great number of marketing myths, but more importantly stresses the importance and value in building your own tribe. He has also written numerous other gems, about marketing and other aspects of being an entrepreneur, all of which are fantastic.

Seth’s world-famous blog is well worth subscribing to, click here to find out more.


Life Leverage, Rob Moore

Rob Moore is an entrepreneur that I came across through my property education and I’ve been on a number of his Progressive Property courses over the years. The idea of Ieveraging time and money in building businesses and wealth is the theme of the book, and it gives invaluable insights into how Rob has built numerous businesses. This is definitely a book that I wish I’d read at the start of my business journey (if only it had been written a few years earlier).

A UK-based, self-made millionaire, Rob runs numerous companies and an excellent podcast, The Disruptive Entrepreneur. His business partner Mark Homer has also written a great book called Low Cost High Life, which is also worth checking out here.


The Magic of Thinking Big, David Schwarz

This book provides an excellent base for beginning life as an entrepreneur. Schwarz highlights and dispels many of the negative emotions, doubts and disbelief many entrepreneurs have when starting out, empowering you to overcome and thrive in a life that you create. Not just a business book, I found that many of the principles in this book form a framework for a better life and mindset, not just for business. I have listened and read this book over four times – it’s outstanding.


I hope you’ve found the above useful, I’ll be reviewing more books in the future, both past and present, so watch this space.

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