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As part of Liverpool Music Week, Loved Ones (@wearelovedones) supported the London-based band Gengahr at the Magnet on Hardman Street on Saturday evening.

Loved Ones formed on the Wirral a few years ago and have since performed in various locations throughout the UK and Europe. Their lineup consists of Nik Glover (Guitar/vocals), Ben Shooter (Piano/vocals), Dan Taylor (drums) and Richard Hurst (synth/keyboard) who all met whilst studying/living in Merseyside.

They’ve done some studio time, recording several excellent albums including ‘The Merry Monarch’ (get it here) and ‘Harness’ (get it here), in addition to a bunch of soundtrack work featured on television and radio. The musicianship of each individual member of the bad is evident on each song, combining driving beats and bass from Taylor and Hurst, with melodic and catchy vocals from Glover and Shooter.

Big anthems such as Cartridge, Without Face and Paper Crown filled the busy dance floor as fans mimed the words, creating a fantastic atmosphere in the red-walled main room of the Magnet.

It was the fourth time I’d seen my brother’s band play and yet seeing him play on that small, intimate stage brought out the exact emotions that I’d felt the first time. As teenagers Ben and I played in bands, we’ve gone to incredible gigs together, and taken the stage on numerous occasions (often in some questionable ‘venues’). Seeing him up on the stage, living his dream and following his passion of performing music he’d written continues to bring feelings of pride, awe and inspiration.

The highlight of the evening undoubtedly came when my sister-in-law Sarah turned around with an ear-to-ear grin, “that’s my husband up there”. A magical moment, I can’t wait to see them again soon.

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