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I’ve just discovered a really powerful use of Facebook that I want to share. Last year, I paid for a Facebook ad campaign that was extremely successful, reaching over 30,000 people, with plenty of interaction and interest. It was promoting a cycling trip from London to Paris:

Earlier today I received a notification that someone had Liked the post, even though the original post was in January 2015. This alerted me to the fact that I could re-reply to all of the people that had commented on the post, therefore double-squeezing the original ad and reconnecting with people that had shown an interest but hadn’t converted.
To my clients that had commented on the post and booked onto the trip, I simply replied to their post asking if they’d thought of signing up to another trip. This technique is really powerful, I’m publically re-engaging with potential prospects whilst inadvertently reducing my return-on-investment on the original paid ad. Within two minutes, I had a response of someone who had commented on the original ad with promise of signing up to a trip in 2016!
As if this wasn’t enough (I was already pretty excited by this stage!), I clicked on who had liked the post and was then asked if I’d like to invite everyone who had liked the post to like my business page! Amazing! I invited them all and within ten minutes had 20 more likes on my page!
My next job? I’m going to look back through all of the ad campaigns we’ve made over the years, re-reply to all of those who commented on the posts and invite all of the Likers to Like my page! This is a great example of how to really get the most out of your paid ad and squeeze your return on investment through social media.
So go back through your previous posts and squeeze them for free!
I hope you found it useful!


  1. This is so useful. Just looked at my posts ,and it’s not just the case for paid posts, but any post! Thanks.

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