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I recently discovered two new video tricks for sharing content on social media, both are free and can be used for any business and any industry.

#1 Screen record

On an Android phone (with Android 11 and up) you can record whatever you’re doing on your phone. This is useful for sharing things like the following video I made of my most recent five star Google reviews:

Five star reviews on Google

How do use Screen recorder

Simply scroll down from the top of your screen and look for the following:

Screen recorder

If you can’t find it on your normal list of icons click the Edit button where you’ll find more tile icons you can drag and drop into your most used drop down menu. Drag the Screen recorder into your most used tiles.

Click on Screen recorder

You may need to change permissions on your phone to allow the Screen recorder to access files and your screen. 

A little box will appear with a record button, a settings button and a close button. Click the red record button and away you go! 

I’ve changed my images settings so that screen recordings are automatically uploaded to my Google photos account. I can then access these videos automatically from my laptop making it even easier to share. They also then automatically delete from my phone which frees up space on my phone storage.

#2 Transform video into GIFs

Instead of using a video and having to host it somewhere like Youtube or Facebook, you can instead create a GIF of a video. 

A GIF is classed as an animated image which means you can upload it like you would a normal JPEG or PNG image. The ‘video’ above is actually a GIF image. I wouldn’t do this for long high detail videos, but for screen sharing and social media GIFs work just fine.

The other advantage is the GIF file is far smaller than an mp3 video file..

Simply upload your video to Canva then save as a GIF. It usually takes a little longer for Canva to create, but you’ll end up with a GIF you can share anywhere as an image.

Here’s how simple it is using Canva:

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