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There are few gadgets I’ve bought recently that have had as much impact as my Zoom H1N Recorder.

I bought this compact battery-powered handheld recording device a number of months ago mainly to record podcasts but now use it virtually every day. I can safely say it’s been an absolute revelation!

I’m one of those people who has decided I do not want to wake up to my phone every morning and have a morning routine that suits me and my lifestyle. That morning routine includes the following:

  1. Wake up naturally or by this crazy thing called an alarm clock (old school I know).
  2. Drink water
  3. 20 minutes of core / yoga / free weight / kettlebell workout
  4. Read for 20 minutes +
  5. Write for 20 minutes +
  6. Get out and walk (with Dylan the dog!)

Then and only then would I entertain the idea of looking at a screen. The major downside of this morning routine is that so many ideas pop into my head during this first hour or so of my day. 

“But without a phone, how am I going to ensure I don’t forget them…”

Enter the Zoom H1N Recorder.

As well as having the ability to record high quality audio, I also use my Zoom Recorder as a dictaphone. By setting the date and the time you can quickly see what you’ve recorded and when.

On this morning’s dog walk I recorded,

“Write a blog post about how good the H1N Recorder is”

So here we are.

If, like me, you love walking in the rain, the H1N fits neatly into this waterproof case from Aquapac. I also don’t like like using non-rechargeable batteries so have invested in several AAA batteries from Duracell.

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