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One of my business mantras is to delegate as many normal business operations as possible. One of my other mantras is to make collecting payments from clients as easy as possible.

So, in 2016 when I designed my company’s website, it was designed to showcase my services (creating cycling adventures throughout the world) and automatically take payments. I was recommended Worldpay as a payment platform so decided to go with it. I have been a customer with them ever since.

2020 has been a challenging year for all travel operators and unfortunately my dealings with my Worldpay account has been mainly in the process of issuing refunds. However, it has also been a time for me to reassess which providers I use to automate my business. First for the chop was Worldpay and here’s why:

  • Numbers, ID’s and codes are confusing. I had numerous customer ID numbers which was extremely frustrating. When you call the Worldpay helpline you’re asked for your customer number which apparently can be found on any receipt. Finding your receipts is almost impossible. Why your customer number isn’t found on all of your Worldpay documents is a mystery. Just to confuse matters you’ll then find a Merchant ID number (a different numbers of characters), a Worldpay Reference number, a Merchant Code (letters only here, but I had two to contend with). Just one ID would suffice and surely this should be on all documents and correspondence.
  • There are two websites you’ll need to use instead of one. I have two links in my Chrome bookmarks bar. One is my Worldpay Dashboard which shows my settlements and invoices to Worldpay.

The other is a Merchant page (whatever that means). Here you see the payments your customers have made and this is also where refunds to your customers are made. These should be integrated into one simple platform.

  • It’s too expensive. There was an ongoing fee of £18 + VAT plus 2% – 3% on top of this. Others are far cheaper and more convenient.

So, I’ve changed to Stripe. Changing over was pretty effortless and so far, I love it! I was at first nervous because Stripe is a little younger than Worldpay and hasn’t quite got the credence and brand authority. However, as more payment platforms and payments are now online, I thought this now less of an issue. 

The Stripe app is simple and easy to use and their (one!) website is equally as user-friendly. They charge around a 1.4% + £0.20p flat fee for transactions (for European cards) with no ongoing monthly charge. Stipe have 24/7 support, real time reporting, fast and predictable payouts and comprehensive payment security for customers.

It’s early days, but already I’m excited about Stripe!

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